Prometheus Design Werx | Ti SST Blackout Stash Tube Capsule

SKU: 1041506


The Ti-SST in a Special Edition Black PVD finish, is a compact, capsule type, weatherproof, Survival Stash Tube with a built-in, oil filled, 100M depth rated, button compass and primary storage compartment for wilderness survival fire making essentials. Precision milled from 6AL-4V titanium billet.

This uniquely designed elevates the classic survival match case with additional features and premium materials. The OAL and diameter were specifically engineered to not only store standard strike anywhere matches, but also long enough for ferro rods, the classic US Military issue sparking units, tinder and more, all in a compact as possible package. A PDW signature design detail features an anti-roll neck down design for the user to wrap 3mm survival cordage, fishing line, or even duct tape. On the bottom is a milled striking channel with an inset, waterproof 3M abrasive strip for igniting strike anywhere matches.

The PDW Ti-SST was designed to be a part of any user’s essential wilderness EDC. Easily stashed in any pocket, backpack, and can be work around the neck with cordage. Premium materials, excellent craftsmanship, and smart, purpose driven design, are at the very core of our wilderness EDC tools. *Stainless steel ball chains are not recommended for neck wear as to not interfere with the built-in magnetic button compass. 



  • Titanium 6AL-4V
    • Stonewashed Tumbled Finish & Bead Peened with Black PVD Finish
  • 100M/300' Depth rated 14mm Oil Filled Button Compass
  • 3M Abrasive Strip
  • Silicone O-Ring

Approx. Dimensions:

  • Length: 4.160"
  • Diameter (Wide): 0.890"
  • Diameter (Narrow): 0.606"


  • Knurled Cap with Built-in Compass
  • Lanyard/Cordage Hole
  • Silicone O-Ring for Weatherproof Storage
  • Anti-Roll Design
  • Neck Down Body for Cord Wrapping, Fishing Line, etc.
  • Primary Compartment Designed to House Strike Anywhere Matches, Ferro Rods, Military Issue Sparking Unit,Tinder, etc.
  • Milled Striking Channel
  • Waterproof 3M Abrasive Strip
  • Non-Ferrous, Non-Magnetic 6AL-4V Titanium Body
  • Fine, Matte Industrial Finish
  • Type 1 Survival Cordage Included

UK delivery included in the price. 

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