Part of our reason for using specific transportation and delivery companies is the fact that they pride themselves on being carbon neutral or producing the least amount of carbon possible. Equally, we prefer to trade with companies that do support the protection of the planet. 

We try to source our packaging and postage materials from the "cleanest" suppliers (i.e. companies that already value the environment). This means that any products we have manufactured or that we import, have been produced and delivered with the least detriment to the environment.

Ethically manufactured products. Aside from the environmentally conscious aspect, we also look at how and where our products are being produced. We specifically avoid working with companies that have a less than reputable track record, with regards to human rights and fair treatment of staff and the environment.

Recycling. Many of the products we sell can be recycled in full, meaning that even after disposal, they will not severely impact the environment. 

Solar powered sales. We generate at least 50% of our own electricity from our roof mounted solar panel array. We have plans for a further expansion and possibly may add a wind turbine.

The Bushgear Team