How To Care For Your Leather Redback Boots

How To Care For Your Redback (Leather) Boots

Unlike many boots made from synthetic materials, Redback boots require a little occasional maintenance to achieve their best performance and potential lifespan. Although our standard Redback boots are not waterproof, you may find they also resist water ingress more effectively when properly cared for.

Please follow our simple guide to cleaning and maintaining your Redback boots and they will serve you well;

  • Remove any large clumps of soil/debris with a soft bristled/rubber boot brush or by hand. Take care not to excessively scrape the leathers. Allowing your boots to fully dry first will make the process much easier. Tip: once dry bang the soles of your boots together to remove large clumps of soil quickly.
  • Using a dampened, lint-free cloth, wipe away all remaining traces of soil/debris. Rinse the cloth and repeat the process until the leathers and soles of your boots are completely clean.
  • Leave the boots to dry out in a warm place with sufficient air movement and ventilation to allow for complete drying. DO NOT leave your boots on or directly next to a radiator or other heat source as this can deteriorate or even crack the leathers.
  • Once dry to the touch, apply a generous amount of Redback clear boot polish (or similar) using a clean, lint-free cloth. Do not apply the polish to the soles or material sections of the boot. Leave for 5 minutes for the leathers to absorb some of the polish.
  • Again, using a lint-free cloth, rub the polish into the leathers until a shine is achieved or until there are no clumps of polish left visible on the surface. Leave for 10 minutes or longer for the polish to re-harden.

Your Redback boots are now ready to go!

Note on storing your boots – please avoid storing your boots in overly hot places or in direct sunlight. Do not store you boots whilst wet/covered in mud etc. especially in a place with no air circulation e.g. inside plastic bag/car-boot. Failing to follow these rules may cause damage to your Redback boots.

If you would prefer to watch the process on video:

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