Size guide for Redback boots

Our Redback boot sizing is provided in standard UK size format. If you normally wear a UK size 9, then please order a UK size 9. Yes, Redback boots are generously proportioned! This means you can wear a thick, warm pair of socks with your boots without any problems.

Please note, Redback boot half sizes (e.g. 9.5) are an extra width fitting. Each half size is 5mm wider than its whole size counter-part but not longer.

Redback boots are supplied in a standard "G" width fitting.

Redback Euro US Mens Foot Length
Aus/UK     (mm)
2 34.5 3 220
3 36 4 230
4 37 5 235
4.5 38 5.5 235
5 39 6 245
5.5 39.5 6.5 245
6 40 7 250
6.5 40.5 7.5 250
7 41 8 260
7.5 41.5 8.5 260
8 42 9 270
8.5 42.5 9.5 270
9 43 10 280
9.5 43.5 10.5 280
10 44 11 290
10.5 44.5 11.5 290
11 45 12 295
11.5 45.5 12.5 295
12 46 13 305
13 47 14 310
14 48 15 315
15 49 16 320

Here are two ways to make sure you get the right size boot. Redbacks are sized in UK sizes and are a G width fitting and can be on the generous side, so come down a half size normally.

Method 1

Imagine your foot suspended in the boot from the ankle. Imagine a half-centimetre gap surrounding your foot, top, bottom, sides, back and front. This gap is then partly filled by a loop-stitch walking sock. You must still have room for your foot to expand about a quarter of a size during a day’s walk.

Method 2

Push your foot forward in the boot until you feel your toe at the end. If you can easily insert your index finger down the back of the heel the boot size should be correct. Wear the boots indoors on a carpet for twenty minutes or so to satisfy yourself the fit is correct before you go outdoors. We are happy to exchange footwear which hasn’t been used. Please see our returns policy.

Size Guide for Barmah hats

Barmah hats come up on the small side and we encourage people to wear a hat as loose as they can possibly get away with without the hat falling off of your head. To get a good fit, please measure the circumference of your head, one inch above your eyebrows, in a comfortable fit, which means not too loose and not too tight, as you would like the hat to feel on your head and then select a size. Pretty much always go for the size up if you fall in between sizes, so for example, a 58cm head measurement should equate to a large 59cm hat.