How to Care for your Nubuck Redback Boots

This guide is tailored to our Crazy Horse boots - for general Redback Boot care and specific care for oiled leather boots see our blog post:  How to Care for Your Leather Redback Boots 

Some of the more general cleaning methods overlap (such as removing dirt from the sole).

Nubuck leather is different to oiled leather in that it has a nap to it - the leather has small fibres which can get roughed up or lie in differing directions - following this guide will help to restore the overall look of your boots and keep the nap in good condition.

As nubuck is not oiled it can be more affected by water and should be treated with a protector spray to ensure it is well conditioned and proofed. Try to avoid getting the boots excessively wet, if this occurs ensure they are dried gently and then the steps in the video followed as necessary.

See our below video guide showing how to care for and clean Nubuck leather. The tools used are:

  • A suede rubber (buy yours from us here!)
  • A soft wire brush
  • A suede brush
  • Universal protector spray