StrikeFire | British Firesteel Blanks



Premium British firesteel blanks (rod only).

Made in the EU to exacting standards, our firesteels can match or even supersede ANY firesteel currently on the market! A claim we are happy to stand by!

The Large size (also known as Army) is rated for 12,000 strikes whereas the medium (also known as Scout) is rated for up to 3,000 strikes. Both provide reliable fire lighting solutions in almost any meteorological conditions. When "struck" with an appropriate tool, our firesteel will produce sparks of up to 3,000 degrees celsius, meaning even low quality or slightly damp tinders can be ignited. Exactly what is needed in a survival scenario.

Great for camping, campfires, stoves, bushcraft, firecraft, survival, prepping , bugout and more.  


Large (Army) - 7.5cm x 0.9cm - Rated for 12,000 strikes.

Medium (Scout) - 5.0cm x 0.6cm - Rated for 3,000 strikes.


Materials - Ferrocerium stock

Accept no inferior copies.

StrikeFire is made in Britain!

UK Delivery included in the price.

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