Redback Boot Wax 80g


Specially formulated from natural ingredients including bee's wax and oils.

Regular applications of Redback boot wax will, greatly extend the lifespan of your leather boots. It also helps to maintain the natural moisture resistance of the leathers, helping to keep your feet dry and warm, (but not suitable for the UBCH Crazy Horse boots as it will darken the leather).

Directions for use : thoroughly clean leathers using warm, lightly soapy water and a sponge or soft brush. Allow the boots to air dry fully. Do not expose them to a heat source as this will eventually make the leather tough and brittle. Once fully dry, apply a small, pea sized amount of the polish to the boot, using a clean cloth/polishing rag. Spread evenly and rub in the wax until it is no longer visible. The wax should be applied several times a year, or more with heavy use.

Redback boot wax has been specially formulated to be used in conjunction with Redback boots, although it can be used with other leather footwear.

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