The Ti-Line MFSS is a Multi-Fuel Survival Stove designed to use fuel sources that are easily foraged, obtained or sourced, without being dependent on specialized, processed petroleum based fuels such as white gas or isobutane-propane cartridges. Designed to use biomass such as wood or even pinecones to cardboard, solid fuel tabs like Hexamine, or in conjunction with our Ti-Line Alcohol Burner Core, denatured alcohol, 91%+ isopropyl alcohol, or even Everclear. Featuring an engineered, unique double wall construction to direct air flow and maximize combustion for the efficient, hot, clean burn of fuels. Compact, light weight, versatile and takes down to nest perfectly in our 600ML Mini-Pot/Mug and many other common 500ML pots used for backpacking.

  • The double wall type construction found in the Ti-Line MFSS directs airflow to oxygenate the fire resulting in the nearly complete combustion of biomass fuel, a hotter burn, while creating less smoke. Smartly designed to fit and nest in most any common 500ML backpacking pots for a totally self contained cookset you can put together yourself and the smallest packed footprint for your wilderness travel to survival kits. With our optional Backpack Stove Pouch (BSP) the entire cookset with room for 2oz alcohol bottles and/or solid fuel tabs, plus a few extras can be neatly contained to stow in packs, bags, hard cases and more. The Ti-Line MFSS is ideally suited for self reliant backcountry explorers, solo hikers, adventure travel, expeditions, wilderness survival and vehicle survival kits.

    While we can all agree that gas cartridge stoves for backpacking are probably the easiest to use for many weekend backpacking trips, our Ti-Line MFSS was created for those who are more bushcraft savvy, depend less on fossil fuels, pride themselves on self reliance, and to operate indefinitely long after petroleum based stoves become useless due to the depletion and/or unavailability of these specialized, processed fuels.

    Our multi-fuel stove is designed around the 1 cup to 1.5 cup to 2 cups (240-350-500ML) volume standards of hot-boiling water required to prepare many types of instant meals from freeze dried food packs to instant noodles, powered soups-broths or simply a hot cup of tea. With some pre-prep of biomass, you can feed this stove to cook canned foods in emergency or survival situations (but we recommend that you transfer the contents to a pot to avoid the high temp release of toxins found in many if not most of today's modern, BPA lined cans). The Ti-Line MFSS is as versatile and capable in portable, field expedient cookware as you want it to be.

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