Prometheus Design Werx | G10 SAK Scales Smooth Grey

SKU: 1042006


These SPD Edition G10-SAK Scales feature a precision milled contoured shape, a Glow-in-the-Dark dot surrounded by a contrasting color, smooth handle finish and a billet titanium pocket clip with our SPD Kraken Trident Logo. These high grade premium scales are press fit permanent replacements for the factory plastic scales. Fully contoured on a CNC these G10 scales will have the similar shaping and feel of the factory plastic scales, but made with durable, custom colored G10 as a premium upgrade mod. Available in gray with red ringed glow dot.

  • Our G10-SAK scales also have the factory toothpick slot and tweezer slot. Our matched billet titanium pocket clip uses the standard 3 screw pattern so the user can swap out the clip and personalize with other after market pocket clips such as the Dragontail pocket clips from our friends over at Steel Flame and others, if so desired.

    Please note that these are intended as a permanent replacement for the factory scales. These are precisely machined to match the brass ferrules of a 91mm SAK and will easily press fit into place with a vice or clamps and a piece of leather to pad the jaws. These G10-SAK replacement scales will require a little dab of a high quality epoxy or JB Weld when fitting. *Warning, when using other after market 3 hole pattern pocket clips, make sure you use the correct length machine screws so they are not so long where they will press out the flush fit G10 scale.

    Modification of your 91mm type SAK with these G10 scales are done so at your own risk. This is a home DIY modification. Install with caution, know what you are doing, know how to operate a vice or clamps safely. Prometheus Design Werx, INC is not to be held responsible for any damage to your SAK and the G10 scales during installation. Please click here for step by step installation instructions.
  • G10
  • Dive Watch Grade Strontium Aluminate (GID Material)
  • 6AL-4V Titanium
  • 316 Stainless Steel Machine Screws
Approx. Dimensions:
  • Height: 91mm
  • Width: 18.03mm Tapers to 20.06mm
  • Thickness: 3.9mm
  • Fully Shaped and Contoured G10
  • Smooth Handle Finish
  • Glow Dot
  • Titanium Billet Pocket Clip
  • Standard 3 Hole Pattern Allows for Other After Market Pocket Clips
  • Slot for Factory Tweezers
  • Slot for Factory Toothpick
  • SPD Kraken Trident Laser Mark
Approx. Weight:
  • 1.10oz / 31grams

  • UK delivery included in the price.

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