Prometheus Design Werx | DRB Camp Danger Sticker

SKU: 31388629860418


Do you have what it takes to pitch your tent at Camp Danger? This sticker is inspired by the colorways and designs of vintage outdoor and campground patches. 

The ghosts of John Muir and Jeremiah Johnson equally inhabit your soul. To pay his respects, Sasquatch will leave you an offering of wild morels at the entrance of your ruff hewn, yet beautiful made improvised shelter. You know how to start a fire with a piece of ice. When you're in the area, honey badgers do give a sh*t. You pack out what you pack in and leave no trace. But when you do make your mark, the wilderness trails you blaze become the mapped routes of tomorrow. Your campfire roasted marshmallows come out the perfect golden brown...every single time. No one has to tell you the 100' or 40' rules. The wilderness is where you are most at home and you live wild, wise and free.


Quality adhesive decorative sticker.

UK delivery included in the price.

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