LIMITED PRODUCT Jerven Bag | Dog Den in Mountain Camouflage Pattern Size L

SKU: J7028


The Dog Den is a Jerven Bag for your dog. The outer fabric is the same as in the original Jerven Bag, and is thus both waterproof and windproof. If you combine the canvas with thermal lining (padding sold separately), you have a flexible and warm bed in which your four-legged friend can sleep soundly.

The Dog Den is compact and easy to carry in your bag. It has a simple lace opening, and the cloth is spacious so that it can be folded over your dog.

Jerven Bags are a high-end survival item ideal for the professional or devoted outdoors person. Essentially a near waterproof form of shelter (bivi), the material is designed to maximise temperature retention to prevent hypothermia and frost bite. 

Jerven AS has been the supplier of its specially created Jerven Bag protective tarp (or Fjellduken in Norway), to the Norwegian Armed Forces for over 30 years. It is also in use with the British, French, Swiss and Danish Special Forces. 

Dog Den size L: 
For dogs up to 40 kg.
The base area is 65x65 cm, the height is 95 cm.
Weight: Approx. 500 grams.


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