Hikki | Lillhalla Fire Pit / Fire Place

SKU: 2020000


Made from super tough corten steel for superior longevity and unique aesthetics. The Lillhalla combines the functions of barbecue, firepit and grill in one unit with a small foot print. The supplied pot holder means that pots and kettles can be “dangled” over the fire for a unique cooking experience. A great addition to your garden or outdoor area

"The Lillhälla harks back to nomadic Sami fireplaces - temporary resting places that provided warmth and comfort for road weary travellers. As with those fireplaces, the Lillhälla is designed to shield the fire from wind thus providing a protected cooking surface. The Lillhälla also comes with a mountable pot-holder on which you can hang a coffee pot or cooking pot and a stainless-steel grill which provides a large cooking surface.

The Lillhälla is made from the same corten steel as our Faster Greta outdoors oven – a maintenance free weathering steel that develops a protective rust layer from wear and seasonal conditions."


Material - 3 mm corten steel


Width - 44 cm
Length - 44 cm 
Height - 40 cm
Weight - 20 kg

UK mainland delivery is included in the price.

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