COUNTYCOMM | Titanium Lighters By Maratac® ~ Gen 2 - Medium Size "Peanut"



A compact flint and wick lighter ideal for keychains, pockets and kits. Simply fill with lighter fluid and you are good to go. You are buying the medium sized "Peanut" version which offers the best balance between usability and portability. 

1. Now has improved precision insert with easily replaceable wick
2. Spare parks kit ( 1 x spare wick, spare o-ring & 3 x flints included )
3. High Detailed Laser Etched Trident Bottom
4. New super high absorption wicks for easy ignition
5. Includes Titanium Nano Split Ring

Titanium 6AL4V series titanium grade 5 (heat colorable) can be easily customized
(titanium is often referred to as God's metal)

Removable Solid Brass lighter insert allows it to be used as a waterproof pill vial
All Peanut Lighters™ are made exclusively by CountyComm
Comes with Spare Flints
Make sure to keep one in your: First Aid Kit, EDC / Prepper Bag, Car, Kitchen, Backpack…

Remember you will always need a knife and fire to survive in the wilderness.


Weight: 19 grams
Dimensions: 1.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 4.8cm
Material: Body - Titanium 
               Insert - Brass

UK delivery included in the price.

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