COUNTYCOMM | Indestructible Titanium Thimble by Maratac®



Here's a product that was spearheaded by our development team. The finished product came out so nice, that we thought you would like one too.

Thimbles help protect your fingertips when doing sewing, quilting and craft projects with pins and needles.

Titanium? Of course they would design it in Titanium. It's strong, crush proof, light weight and overbuilt. For it's intended purpose, it is indestructible.

Features deep micro "Golf Ball Dimples" on top and sides to keep the needle from slipping off your protected finger


Height: 1.9cm
Inside Depth 1.8cm
Inside Diameter: 1.172
Weight: 6 Grams / 0 .2 ounces
Color: Raw Titanium

Side Note : Also the perfect micro shot glass

Note: Needle not included

UK delivery included in the price.

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