Prometheus Design Werx | Ti-NATO Strap 22mm - Orange

SKU: 2030302


The PDW Ti-NATO Strap is an updated version of the classic, military issue, nylon watch strap. Our modern version features heavier duty, custom made titanium hardware and buckle, with a sturdy, thicker, yet pliable and comfortable nylon strap.

The NATO or "G10" strap originally entered service in 1973 with the British Ministry of Defence. It was made with a thin nylon strap and came with chrome plated brass buckles and "ring" keepers. PDW chose to use titanium in the rings and buckles for total corrosion resistance on land or under the sea, and 100% non-magnetic as to not interfere with the strap worn compasses such as our EWB-Compass Kit. With the proliferation of rare earth magnets being used in today's bags, wallets, key fobs, and other EDC items, we found that these magnets affected the typical stainless rings used in most NATO type straps on the market. Not only are rare earth magnets harmful to the internal mechanics of a fine mechanical watch, the magnetized stainless steel rings affected any compasses used as supporting accessories on a watch strap. Our Ti-NATO eliminated magnetic interference and offers superior performance and durability in the field.



  • Titanium
  • Nylon 


  • Strap Width: 22mm
  • OAL: 290mm
  • Strap Thickness: 1.4mm

Approx. Weight:

  • 0.630oz / 17grams


  • Fits Watches with 22mm Lugs
  • Orange
  • Rings and Buckle 100% Non-Magnetic
  • Rings and Buckle 100% Corrosion-Proof
  • Durable, and Pliable Woven Nylon
  • Shaped Titanium Rings
  • Tang Buckle
  • Fits XS to XL Wrists


  • Short Form PDW Mark

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