The Wilderness Gathering 2022

The Wilderness gathering began in 2003 and is now in its 20th year of existence.

(Mr R Harrington)

Organised by Mr R Harrington (founder and owner of Bison Bushcraft UK), the gathering is a large, outdoors event which promotes outdoor living as well as traditional bush craft techniques,skills and tools. Even pre-historic skills such as leather tanning and flint knapping can be explored and learned.

(Knapping flint to produce tools and cutting edges)

The gathering consists of numerous stalls and tents which host all manner of demonstrations, varying from knife making, cordage making, foraging, first aid, spoon carving and much more. The Bison farm features some very picturesque scenery so is a very pleasant environment for the Gathering. During the evenings, there is live music, food and drink to be enjoyed. 

Apart from a variety of introductory courses, there are also a few advanced courses, demonstrated by some of the country's leading experts in their given fields. If you have ever wanted to make a premium leather sheath or learn how to put a razor's edge on a knife, this could be for you. 

Traditional blacksmith
(Traditional iron working techniques)

The Wilderness Gathering is a four day event and it is possible to stay overnight, on  a paid for pitch, to get the most out of your visit. There are two camping environments to choose from; either pitch your tent in a woodland or in a large open field. Unfortunately, due to regulation, it will not be possible to have a fire outside of your tent in the campervan/camping area. However, there are pre-defined fire areas/pits so you will be able to warm yourself and cook. 

Come down for a day or stay the whole 4 days. The gathering is open to all interested in bushcraft and the outdoors. Please book via the official website here:

The Wilderness Gathering 

The Wilderness Gathering is hosted at:

18th - 21st August
Starting at 

Bush Farm Bison Centre
West Knoyle
BA12 6AE
United Kingdom

Bookings and general enquiries on:

0845 8387062