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Article: That Stylish Wood Fired Hot Tub by Hikki of Sweden

That Stylish Wood Fired Hot Tub by Hikki of Sweden

That Stylish Wood Fired Hot Tub by Hikki of Sweden

We are the leading UK suppliers of Hikki wood-fired hot tubs.

Hikki hot tubs are designed for year round use.

Our Hikki hot tubs can be set up virtually anywhere with a flat surface and a ready supply of water. To keep the water fresh, we recommend the use of salt, instead of harsh chemicals such as chlorine or iodine. Additionally, the use of salt water will help create a patina on the aluminium and on the wood, which many find attractive. Importantly, saltwater bathing can also be beneficial to skin, compared to chlorinated water. 

If you would rather use no chemicals but instead would prefer to frequently change the water, then that is an option too. If not using chemicals, the water can be used for irrigation via the simple drain at the bottom of the tub. When not in use, the tub weighs a mere 80kgs which makes positioning it a simple affair with two people.

Pearl Lowe and her daughter Betty with a Hikki hot tub.

Photo courtesy of Pearl Lowe @pearllowe

Heating the water could not be easier or quicker. Simply light a small fire in the stove section and wait approximately 1 to 2 hours (depending on ambient temperatures). This allows for more spontaneous use of the hot tub, compared with electrically heated tubs, which can take between 4 and 8 hours to reach bathing temperature, not mentioning the fact that many people leave them on constantly (to allow for spontaneous bathing). Very energy inefficient!

Again, depending on ambient temperatures, heating a Hikki hot tub to the recommended 40oC temperature will use between 2 and 10 kilograms of wood. As you may be aware, wood is considered a renewable source of energy so heating a hot tube in this manner is relatively guilt free. To maximise efficiency, particularly in colder weather, we would recommend the use of additional insulation (available separately). This will vastly speed up heating times and help keep the water hot for longer.

Other benefits of a Hikki include the relaxing sights, sounds and smells of a real fire. An atmospheric, nuanced touch, definitely missing from electrically heated tubs. 

Hikki Hot Tub at a customer's home

Hikki Wood Fired Hot Tub made from aluminium and wood.

Much research and thought has gone into the design and realisation of these fantastic Hikki hot tubs. In practical terms, this greatly extends the lifetime of the product as Hikki hot tubs feature easy to replace components which are already built to last, from the outset.

For further details or to make a purchase please follow this link to the product's page on our website




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