Hikki - The well thought out brand...

Seemingly deceptive simplicity derived from meticulous design and planning. If Hikki were a Haiku, that would be it. Simplicity without sacrificing function and comfort. Fuss free does not have to imply "basic".

In the case of Hikki, even their packaging has been through an intensive design process, nothing being left to chance. All this results in less fuss and more enjoyment for the end user. Great if you are trying to uncomplicate things.

Speaking of Haiku; "The fire nourishes the flight of the eye and breeds storytelling as well as cooking. "From this heritage comes our fireplace Lillhälla." This is the Hikki foundation story for their Lillhalla firepit. This is a movable fire pit and grill combination that can be folded flat for easier transportation. 

Keeping things simple "With the Bohemen, you won't find any bling-bling, lights or speakers - here there is only a pure, authentic, wood-burning bathing experience." Again, a brutally simple strap line that conveys precisely what Hikki were trying to achieve with its hot tub.

Adding to this, the Bohemen is extremely simple to set up and can be done with 2 people in under half an hour. Combine this with a heating time of as little as an hour and you have yourself an almost instant bath for year round use. 

The Bohemen is also ideal for saltwater bathing as the aluminum metal interior will not corrode as would stainless steel. 

If only everything in life could be distilled in this manner.

You can see the complete Hikki range here: 


This includes the Hikki Bohemia wood fired hot tub and the Hikki wood fired pizza oven. We stock many other interesting Hikki products.

The Bushgear Team.