A Magazine You Didn't Know You Needed To Read - Permaculture

For nearly 30 years Permaculture magazine has been producing excellent articles relating to farming and sustainable living. Conveniently the issues are available through their website via a subscription service. 

According to their own editorial, Permaculture magazine is:

"A visionary magazine with the tools to create productive and resilient homes, gardens, economies, relationships, schools and communities."

If you subscribe you will receive:

*Free Digital & App access to all back issues - searchable by subject.

*30 years of content at your fingertips. 

*Free bonus digital article with every issue.

*Exclusive offers on books and products.

If that wasn't enough to whet you appetite, here are a few examples of the interesting articles you can find in "Permaculture":

* How to create a "food-forest" in any sized garden.

* Growing beans 

* 10 Easy herbs to grow for bees.

* Growing fruit trees from pips.

* How to make apple wine.

* How to make cordials naturally.

* How to make compost in 4 weeks.

* How to grow fruit trees in small spaces.

To put it simply, if you can think of a topic related to permaculture, it has probably already been comprehensively covered in an existing article making this an excellent resource for aspiring, as well as seasoned gardeners, farmers, horticulturalists and anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of permaculture. 

You can sign up for a subscription here:

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For just a few pennies per month you can have a massive reference database at your command. Nice.

The Bushgear Team