The Prepper Meet UK 2021

The Prepper Meet 2021 9th - 12th July

Price of entry - Day Pass Adult £18.00 (come down for a look around)
                           Three Day Adult Pass £40.00 (including pitch for tent/RV)
                           Children's Three Day Pass (with camping) £18.00

Location -         Church Farm Ardeley
                           SG2 7AH
                           United Kingdom

Prepper Meet 2021

The Prepper Meet has now been running for 8 years and grows bigger every year. Even during last year’s lockdown, the Prepper Meet managed to get the go ahead and was a success. This year’s Meet should be no different. Undoubtedly, the Meet is one of the biggest gatherings of like-minded people in the UK. Anyone interested in outdoor living, long-term survival, bushcraft, bugging-out, bugging-in and prepping will find something of interest at the Meet.

Background: The Meet was started by several like-minded individuals including Darren aka “FunkyPrepper” of Youtube and British television fame. Darren is an ex-reservist (TA as it was known back then) and a bushcraft and survival enthusiast. He “came to fame”, initially, via the television programme “Preppers UK” first aired in the UK in 2013. Now with a huge following on social media, Darren is one of the primaries at the Prepper Meet and an event organiser. On top of all that, he’s also a pretty good bloke!

The Prepper Meet UK FunkyPrepper Armoured Cockroach and Mindwiseman

Pictured, left to right - Armoured Cockroach, FunkyPrepper and MindWiseman.

What you can expect at the Meet: You have a choice of either popping down for the day or take advantage of the multi-day pass which grants camping rights for the duration of the Meet. Tent and your family are optional. Church Farm is a large venue spread over many acres. There are several places to pitch a tent including a wooded area and a huge open field. There are washroom and bathroom facilities available and there is a great farm shop and café (although not cheap) which serves good food. There is a decent, large pub close by. There are also trees suitable for hammock use, if you are not a ground dweller. Camp fires are permitted, if you follow the farm’s rules on fires, which are simple and follow common sense.

At the Meet: The Meet is a generally relaxed affair especially when compared to some of the more commercial bushcraft and outdoor shows in the UK. Nobody will try and sell you anything here, unless you express an interest – which is great! No rows of soulless trade-stands here, which is great to see (or not to see). Through the kindness of spirit, several experts give talks and demonstrations on varying topics from HAM radio to kayaking to homesteading. These are all informal affairs where question asking is encouraged. There are lots of useful insights to gain, for most people, especially if you are unfamiliar with prepper concepts.

Overall, you will find many people simply sat by their tent or in a group, discussing all manner of subjects and generally having a good time.  You can also expect to see lots of interesting vehicles, shelters, equipment and clothing, most in a “prepper” vein. Sit down and have a bacon sandwich, lovely!

Church Farm Ardeley

Most people will be glad to have a chat and many are there for that reason alone.

Many attendees will be wearing camouflage, fatigues or jeans and a t-shirt, as stated above the Meet is a relaxed affair.

The current location for the Prepper Meet is Church Farm Ardeley in Stevenage, just north of London. Come and on down and see/do something different. This will surely help blow away any Covid blues.

Please note – you will need to follow active social distancing guidelines!!! ;-)

Please click here to book/reserve your place at the meet now.