Invoking the "War-Time Spirit" in Uncertain Times?


sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behaviour.

"she hit him in panic"

verb: feel or cause to feel panic

"the crowd panicked and stampeded for the exit"

Troubling times indeed, friends!

Although never actually distributed, one of the most persevering poster slogans of all time "Keep Calm and Carry On" perfectly encapsulates British wartime resolve. However, in light of recent imposed restrictions on movement, emulating the wartime zeitgeist may be challenging, as well as impractical for some. A wise lady once said "Take each day at a time and stay positive". Perhaps this would be a better motto for the coronavirus outbreak.

The value of staying positive should not be undervalued. The link between good health and positive mental attitude is well established, so much so that being overly negative (including being stressed) can indeed result in poor helath. During the coronavirus, maintaining your immune system at its peak level is a wise precaution.

If possible, keep yourselves safe, eat, sleep and drink well and try and keep your stress levels to a minimum. You may find that exercise is a good way to do this. Perhaps indulge in a hobby to keep yourselves occupied. This can also help with maintaining a daily routine and normalcy. It isn't rocket science.

We will get through this!

The Bushgear Team