A Shining Review of Our Redback Boots published in "GLASS" The Green Lane Association

"As a normal-ish bloke I’m all for keeping things to a minimum, so when I buy something it generally has to have a dual purpose. When the time came to buy a new pair of boots I knew that they needed to be hardy enough for a gentle meander in the country, comfy for driving in, and after a bit of spit ‘n’ polish, posh enough to wear with a pair of chinos in the evening. Luckily I knew the right person to talk to, and that was Gavin at Bushgear.co.uk. Amongst the vast array of quality outdoor gear that Gavin has to offer are the highly respected Australian made Redback boots. So I ordered a pair.

They say that Redback boots are designed to stand up to the tests of nature as well as the tests of time. Made using only the finest materials, they’re built rugged to take you to that snowy mountain ridgetop, across the arid outback, fend off the driving rain, protect you against the biting cold, withstand the rigors of the urban environment and outlast everything else in your wardrobe. On the outset, that’s a big ask for a pair of boots, but for the last 4 years or so they’ve been my go-to boot when the weather’s grim and I’m a tad embarrassed to admit that I’ve hardly ever cleaned nor polished them!

With a soft and grippy cushioned sole and oil kip leather upper, the Redback’s are so comfortable I can end up wearing them all day and all night without so much of a hint of discomfort - they’re like wearing a pair of heavy duty slippers, and there’s no need to wear them in either. Because they’re very flexible they’re definitely not a mountain hiking boot, but excellent on low level walks. Multi directional cleats offer superb grip in the mud and they’ve hardly worn, imagine them as a set of legendary BFG All-Terrains for your feet! The perfect laning boot? For me at least, they’re the perfect boot for greenlaning as they’re light, flexible and tough. I’m not going to say that they’re 100% waterproof, but it takes a lot of wading for them to eventually let water in.

I’ve really struggled to come up with any negatives for the Redback’s, but if I’m being very critical, I’d say they don’t have the most stylish of looks, yup, that’s about it. Everyone I’ve spoken to who have a pair of Redback’s can’t say a bad word about them either, and I concur, they’re bombproof. In fact, for other glowing reviews have a look on Amazon, they are incredibly comfortable, hard wearing and amongst the best boots that you will ever buy.

Website: www.bushgear.co.uk/collections/redback-boots

Price: From £104.95