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Article: Bushgear’s Guide to our Best Christmas Gifts

Bushgear’s Guide to our Best Christmas Gifts

Bushgear’s Guide to our Best Christmas Gifts

The Bushgear Team have compiled a new list of gift ideas for Christmas 2022!
This curated list contains many different gifting ideas, to suit a wide variety of budgets and tastes. We hope you find the perfect presents for the ones you love.


Cut off Date For UK Mainland orders:

Barring further disruptions, Royal Mail have advised that they should be able achieve pre-Christmas delivery if items are despatched by 16th December. 

As such please ensure orders are placed before 1pm on the 16th of December. This only includes orders sent using a 24 hour tracked service (orders totalling £25 or more). We have an extended (limited) returns window for orders placed during this period if, for example, a gift doesn't work out for you.

Any non-UK mainland orders are now unlikely to reach their destination pre-Christmas.

  • A Barmah Hat These genuine Australian hats are one of our best sellers and with good reason. They combine a unique look with high quality workmaship and materials. They are available in a wide range of colours, styles and materials. Starting from £49.95
  • Haley’s Corker Clever kit for the wine connoisseur. These simple but effective multi-functional devices help keep wine and other liquids in perfect condition between uses. Haley’s Corkers are designed to aerate, to filter, to preserve bubbles and to prevent spillage and waste. Once in use, these Corkers allow opened bottles to be stored horizontally. Haley’s Corkers are available for both threaded (screwcap) and corked bottles £9.95
  • Photon Flashlights The original and in our opinion, still the best micro LED flashlight. Small and unobtrusive yet truly useful, these Photons are perfect for a keyring. Unnoticeable until needed! Starting at £8.95
  • Fisher Space Pens The first ever pen designed specifically for use in outer space! These attractive, well-made writing instruments are compact yet elegant and will continue writing even when upside down or under water. Amazing. Starting at £24.95
  • Lillhalla Fire Pit and Grill Made from super tough corten steel for superior longevity and unique aesthetics. The Lillhalla combines the functions of barbecue, firepit and grill in one unit with a small foot print. The supplied pot holder means that pots and kettles can be “dangled” over the fire for a unique cooking experience. A great addition to your garden or outdoor area. £339.95
  • Survival Advantage Written by Andrew Lane (a former UK military specialist) as a field guide for military personnel, for cold weather survival. A unique take, the book covers many aspects of wilderness survival and includes lots of illustrative drawings which help grasp the concepts being demonstrated. A well written and good read for anyone interested in spending time in the wilderness. £24.95

  • Solight Origami Solar Lantern A fold flat “origami” lantern powered by the sun. It was originally designed for third world countries as a clean lighting alternative to open fires and kerosene lamps. Importantly, for every lantern sold, the Solight company donates a lantern to someone in need. These are ideal for the garden, for the home or for travel and adventures. Did we mention they are waterproof and can float, thus offering some interesting options in aquatic environments. £22.95
  • StrikeFire Firesteels StrikeFire is our very own brand, made by us in the UK. Our firesteels, also known as ferrocerium rods are a vital tool for outdoor enthusiasts. They work in practically any weather conditions and can be used to ignite thousands of fires. They are ideal for camping, bushcraft and exploration. From £8.95
  • StrikeFire Sporks We offer a choice of stainless steel or titanium spork. This fork, knife and spoon combination tool is a great weight saver and a useful mealtime companion. Perfect for camping and outdoor adventures. From £7.95
  • ProKnot Knot Tying Cards Each waterproof mini “booklet” teaches a variety of knots depending on the type of knots which will be of use to you. We offer a classic “outdoor” knots guide and a “fishing” knots guide. Great, quick access reference for tying knots. £7.95

  • Jerven Bag This is a high-end survival item ideal for the professional or devoted outdoors person. Essentially a near waterproof form of shelter (bivi) for the individual or group, the material is designed to maximise temperature retention to prevent hypothermia and frost bite. The larger versions include insulating layers which work to keep you warm down to some very cold temperatures. For those interested in bird watching or stalking, the camouflage patterns, particularly the “mountain” camouflage, blends in very well with UK landscape. Starting at £129.95
  • Faster Greta Pizza Oven A solid, wood-fired pizza oven made from high grade corten steel, designed to be left in situ in your garden or outdoor area. This oven features a very unique and aesthetically pleasing design but more importantly, is a pleasure to use due to its simplicity of design. The oven is by no means limited to just making pizza. It can also be used to barbecue and grill, bake bread or simply as a heat source to warm up by on colder days/evenings. Designed to last a lifetime at £1795.95
  • Weltevree Outdoor Oven Another high quality wood-fired outdoor oven similar in scope of use to the Faster Greta (above). Again, ideal for making pizza, bread, barbecues and grilling. Also makes for a good heat source for the colder days and nights. £795.00
  • Zebra Stainless Steel Pots A high quality range of pots, pans, mugs, plates and cutlery ideal for the outdoors or household kitchen. These pots are a long standing favourite amongst bushcrafters and outdoor enthusiasts due to their durability, quality of manufacturing, useful design and reasonable price point. These are super popular for a reason. Starting at £7.95
  • AG Watch Cap A premium merino watch cap ideal for the colder months. These “caps” take their inspiration from issued naval hats in World War II. They look and feel great and are very warm (3 season rated). £46.95
  • PDW Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle A good sized bottle for daily use (1 litre capacity), it features a double wall vacuum so can keep drinks hot or cold for many hours. The bottle also features a wide mouth opening for easy filling and maintenance but can also be used in conjunction with a water filtration system for backpacking. The screw top cap is “leashed” to prevent it getting lost or falling into mud. Features a unique Kraken logo which look great, we think. £34.95
  • PDW Solo Pack Hammock For all you tree dwellers out there! This ultralight hammock stores very compactly in a back pack and weighs a mere 407 grams, making it very easy to carry. Although light, the hammock is capable of supporting frames of up to 150 kilograms. It is supplied with all the necessary carabiners and tree tying straps. Ideal for woodland environments or between two trees in a back gardens. £49.95

  • PDW Titanium Whiskey Cup For those that appreciate purity! This ultralight titanium cup will not impart any flavours into your tipple of choice, as unlike steel, titanium is highly unreactive. Obviously, being made of titanium, the cup weighs next to nothing whilst still being very durable. £19.95
  • Watch Band Compass Kit Inspired by watch strap compasses of yesteryear, this modern interpretation features a unique titanium housing for the included, 100 metre depth rated magnetic compass. Simply thread your existing watch straps through the titanium housing and away you go (literally!). The kit is also supplied with a unique silicone carrier so the compass can be attached to clothing or bags. £74.95
  • Versa Bear Silicone Bottles These “squeezy” flip top bottles are perfect for storing a variety of liquids including condiments, sauces, soaps, oils, lotions and more. They are TSA “carry-on” compliant so are suited to air travel as well as to backpacking. For every set sold, a portion of the profits go to local “bee” charities. £22.95
NB - The cut off date for pre-Christmas delivery is the 16th of December at 1pm. Orders made after this time will not necessarily arrive before Christmas and may arrive as late as January. Please order early to avoid disappointment. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please do have a look at all our products as you are bound to find some gifting inspiration. Thank you all. Have a very Merry Christmas!

The Bushgear Team
Photocred: Deena via Pexels

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