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Article: New Product Drop - Haley's Corkers

New Product Drop - Haley's Corkers

New Product Drop - Haley's Corkers

We love well-made products that make our life easier...

We think that Haley's Corkers fall into this category. So what are they?

At base, the Corker was designed for the wine connoisseur but can also be used to keep drinks, dressings, sauces e.t.c. in optimal condition, between uses.

The Corker helps to:

+Aerate the wine - this process allows oxygen present in the air to interact with and break down tannins in the wine, allowing for the more subtle and complex flavours of the wine to be brought to the forefront of the palette. Unlike a wine vacuum, the Corker will not strip out wine esters and aromas but will instantly enhances bouquet and flavour. 

+Filter the wine - removes cork particles, sediment and tartrates from the wine, giving a nicer mouth feel.

+Pour the wine - makes all wine easy to pour, drip free. Less stress while serving. 

+Re-cork the wine - make it easy to re-seal any wine bottle. Preserves flavour, fizz and texture between drinks.

+Stopper - Carefully designed stopper allows for horizontal storage of opened wine bottles. Forms an air tight seal.

+Apart from wine - these Corkers can also be used with; balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cider, beer, liquor/spirits, soy sauce, hot sauce and more...

Great functionality meets eco-friendly production and design. The Corker is made in the USA from recycled materials including eco-friendly plastic which will not absorb or alter flavour. The plastic is BPA free as is standard nowadays.

The unit fits all natural, synthetic and glass corked 750 ml and 1.5 liter wine bottles.

We stock both versions here at Bushgear - the black version is for cork bottles whereas the green version is for bottles with screw caps / threads. 

You can buy your "Corker" here.


The Bushgear Team

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