New Product in Stock - The Shelta Sun Hat

We would like to bring your attention to our latest range of outdoor products by Shelta. Our first offering is the Shelta "Seahawk" sun hat. These are available in several sizes, to accommodate most head sizes and to achieve a perfect fit. 

Shelta Seahawk Sun Hat

What makes a Shelta hat special?

High quality materials combined with refined workmanship and well thought out design features. These elements combine to form a perfectly balanced sun hat for an active lifestyle. 

In Shelta's own words:

Best Sun Hats for Athletes and Adventurers

Congratulations! You’ve found a comprehensive, easy to understand explanation of why Shelta sun hats are the best performance sun hats on the market. Sadly, there is a ton of confusing, and conflicting “mis-information” out there on the web. Good news - read this one page and you can knowledgeably decide for yourself why the Shelta Sun Hat is the best for your intended use.

At first glance, most people assume a sun hat is a sun hat. If they’ve looked around a little bit, they’ll be aware that there is a handful of different shapes and sizes, and of course dozens of brands. On the surface, most of them really do just look like unflattering hats. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they’re pretty much all the same, aside from the branding… and of course the pricing! And why the heck are they so much better than a low price hat?

Shelta sun hat versus a traditional sun hat

The difficulty in differentiating one sun hat from the next is that you can’t peer inside. Thus, as a prospective buyer, you’re left to sort through the unfamiliar industry lingo, which all kind of sounds the same. You’ll repeatedly hear terms bandied around like:

"Sun Protection Rating"
"Breathable Material"
"Mesh Lining"
"Sweat Absorbing Head-band"
"Chin Cords"
"Brim Coverage"


Seahawk Shelta Sun Hat

Without getting into an overly technical discussion, it is still relatively easy to understand what is and is not a quality sun hat. The below discussion will, in part, help you understand why one sun hat costs vary

The rising popularity of sun hats

Prior to 2014, pretty much every sun hat out there was a traditional floppy brim. There were some small brim inserts out there, but they were not rigid enough and flopped up or down. That meant they flopped up and down in windy conditions or when you were paddle boarding on a wave and blocked your view of the whole ride. Not ideal. In 2014 in an effort to make the brim more rigid, we came out with the first winged vision visor built into a sun hat. This changed everything. Suddenly the brim was super rigid - as in they could support a gust of wind and barely flex at all. Suddenly, you could see when using a sun hat. The benefits are many fold - check out this video for more details:


Shelta Sun Hat Floating