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Barmah Kangaroo Leather Belt

If you want the strength and durability of a nylon duty belt but want something a little smarter, which is also appropriate for an office or evening environment, then look no further than the new, genuine, kangaroo leather belts from Barmah (of hat making fame).

Made in Barmah's own factory, these belts are made from one of the toughest leathers on the planet - genuine kangaroo leather. Due to its superior toughness, the leather can be thinned down to a greater extent, meaning it is more malleable. This means it is more comfortable to wear against the body, without sacrificing longevity.

The Barmah belts age beautifully, developing a great patina and they are extra supple, compared to most leather belts and will mould to the shape of your waist very quickly.

Barmah's Iconic Australian cattlemen's belt, is 32mm wide, and uses linked pieces of kangaroo leather and solid brass buckles (chromed solid brass on the black version). Available in brown or black.

Wear something unique, comfortable and hard wearing.

Available exclusively at Bushgear! Shop Barmah Leather Belts

Big D
Big D


Big D An avid outdoors man and explorer, Big D has been studying the art of bush craft and survival for over 15 years. Initially instilled with forest and coastal knowledge from his grand parents, Big D has practiced and expanded these skill sets to a high level. Ever knowledgeable on many outdoor skills and gear, Big D is always ready to help with useful advice and tips. Professionally, he has been involved in the industry for 8 years and has published hundreds of articles and videos, which have been enriching social media sites for years. Big D has been a solid member of the Bushgear team since June 2016.

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