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World's Best Emergency Fire Starter - Made in the UK

StrikeFire Firesteel - The Most Reliable Fire Lighter in The World!

StrikeFire is a UK company, which currently manufactures several products for the outdoor market. Its primary product is the StrikeFire firesteel, available in large and medium sizes.

These firesteels have been on the market for approximately three years now and have accumulated quite the following, in a relatively short time. These humble firesteels are European made, from the finest quality ferrocerium stock, so can not be beaten for quality, ease of use and ultimate reliability. These are not cheap, Asian made knock offs. The ferrocerium stock is made from the purest, finest grades of magnesium, steel and other misch metals. Once formed, the stock undergoes precise heat treatment, in digitally controlled ovens, for the ultimate balance between spark production and longevity. 

They are widely used in forest and bush craft schools, as well as by enthusiasts and beginners. In our opinion, there is no better fire steel. Especially in light of the new improvements made by StrikeFire!

The new and improved StrikeFire striker adds a great deal to the overall usability of the product. The "super striker" consists of a very tough,  ergonomic handle which houses a large, carbon, tool steel striker. When used, this striker produces absolutely massive showers of sparks with very limited effort. This makes it a lot easier for children to use and in general, makes it a lot easier to get a fire going in all conditions.

The superior build quality and design means that the StrikeFire range has few (if any) rivals that can compete with it. You've tried the rest, now try the best - StrikeFire UK!








Big D
Big D


Big D An avid outdoors man and explorer, Big D has been studying the art of bush craft and survival for over 15 years. Initially instilled with forest and coastal knowledge from his grand parents, Big D has practiced and expanded these skill sets to a high level. Ever knowledgeable on many outdoor skills and gear, Big D is always ready to help with useful advice and tips. Professionally, he has been involved in the industry for 8 years and has published hundreds of articles and videos, which have been enriching social media sites for years. Big D has been a solid member of the Bushgear team since June 2016.

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