Jerven Bag - A life saving piece of kit!

Anyone venturing out into isolated wilderness areas should have a Jerven bag!

So what is it?

A multi layered piece of  water tight fabric that has zippers around the edges and  features an aluminium coating on the inside. The outside features a mountain camouflage pattern and is also available in safety Hi-viz orange. Jerven bags are made in Norway to very, very exacting standards and the manufacturers really do stand by the quality of their products so offer a 10 year warranty as standard!

So what does it do?

Similar to a bothy bag, the Jerven bag can be used as an emergency shelter in inclement weather. Simply zip it up and climb in and within  seconds, a small micro climate develops within the bag, leading to a huge  increase in temperature and, of course, this provides a complete moisture barrier against all forms of precipitation. Very handy when stuck on a mountainside without shelter. Zip up the sides completely for impenetrable protection from the elements. An elderly couple, stranded in the lake district a few months ago, managed to survive over 48 hours of extreme exposure by huddling in their emergency bothy bag! Emergency services stated that the couple owed their life to the emergency shelter. A Jerven bag could do the same for you.

So, what else does it do?

The Jerven bag is actually an extremely versatile piece of equipment, not limited to any one particular use!. Set up correctly, the Jerven bag can  serve as any of the following:

1) Jerven bags can be zipped together to provide a large, group shelter.  A recent charity expedition to the North Pole saw a 4 man team take shelter in zipped together Jerven bags. The expedition featured several husky dog teams. During frequent breaks, the team would regain the feeling in their extremities by warming up in the Jerven bag. Within 2 minutes "the team would regain the colour in their cheeks and start to thaw out. A definite life saver."

2) A tarp - As the materials used in the Jerven are water tight, the bag can be fully unzipped and suspended via the eyelets in its corners , to provide substantial overhead shelter from the elements. Due to the built in suspension points, the Jerven can be set up in a plethora of configurations to protect you from rain, heat, wind, snow etc.

3) A groundsheet - Again, as the materials are watertight, the Jerven bag can be used as a sitting mat, groundsheet, picnic blanket etc. You will not need to worry about getting a wet bum.

4) A tent - Using the Jerven's suspension eyelets and few strategically placed poles, ropes or sticks, the bag can be made to stand as a makeshift tent. It's not ideal, but in a pinch, it can do the job.

5) A hammock - When folded in half, the Jerven can also serve as a hammock. The reinforced eyelets mean that the Jerven can be suspended from appropriately sized trees, for the ultimate experience of comfort in the woods. Uniquely, it is possible to zip one's self into the Jerven, so you can enjoy a floating tent that is impervious to the weather.

6) Water collector / container - Due to its water proof nature, it is possible to collect water in the folded material of the bag. It can then tied off and used a water bag.

7) An emergency stretcher - Similar to the "hammock" configuration, when folded in half, the Jerven can easily support a person's weight. The eyelets can be used to create "carrying loops" for the stretcher.

8) Body odour inhibitor - Useful for hunters and military/service personnel. When zipped up in the poncho configuration, the Jerven will minimise the escape of body odour.

9) A wind sale? - Believe it or not, the Jerven has been used to propel skiers, boarders and sailors alike. Not a prescribed use but it can be done.

10) A poncho - One of the main uses of the Jerven. By unzipping the YKK zips in the appropriate manor, it is possible to make an opening through which you can put your head. The bag has pre made opening for your arms which can be fully closed with the zippers.

11) Sunscreen or heat reflector - Due to its aluminum material composition, the Jerven is capable of reflecting up to 99% of radiated heat. If placed beside a fire, much of the otherwise wasted heat will be bounced back, meaning your fire will be more efficient. Therefore you will need to collect less fuel. Equally, if set up as an overhead sunscreen, it will block all of the Sun's harmful rays.


Each version of the Jerven bag is supplied with its own high quality carry case, made from the same quality materials as the Jerven itself.

Each Jerven bag is also supplied with "Armies" and a retro reflective signal flag. The "Armies" are coverings for your arms, to keep them dry whilst you have your arms outside of the bag. The emergency signal flag is high visibility orange (signal orange) and features retro reflective elements. The flag is supplied with cordage so it can easily be hung or suspended from a tree, to attract rescue.

So, all you need to do now is think of a reason not to get one! If you can't then you can get one from us here:

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