Jaktkit | Knife Knv2 Mil



The original Jaktkit knife but with a specialized milspec anti-reflective and anti-corrosion blade coating.

A robust, magnificently sharp knife with excellent edge retention and great ergonomics relied upon by hunters, bush crafters , police and the military.

Manufacturer's Description 

"Your Knv knife must perform its tasks even in the most difficult situations. For this reason we are very proud that "Piketen" - a Special Operations unit of the Swedish police, has tested and adopted the Jaktkit Knife Knv2."

The Knv2 is a firm favourite amongst military personnel during difficult missions due to the unique combination of heavy-duty construction and nimble performance.

A knife perfected in every detail so that it will always deliver its best performance, even in the most challenging situations.

The Knv2 has a hand made V-edge with up to 32% better cutting performance than conventional 20 + 20 knife grind, so you have that extra bite when you need it.

Knife made of award winning and proprietary 99Cr18MoV steel. Advanced ESR together with forging creates a extremely homogeneous and tough steel. Imagine a steel where every atom have optimal grip with each other.

Specially hand-made Kydex sheaths. Each Kydex sheath are heat molded after the knife for perfect fit. The sheaths are silent, self-locking and meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety. MOLLE and tek-lok compatible. Flexi-fit system enables you to wear your Knv knife any way you like. Exctly what hunters, military and police have asked for.
New optimized blade geometry and handle, based on long term testing in extreme arctic and desert conditions


Award winning, strong, specialized steel and a wide, protruding tang.

Specialized blade coating.

Tough yet comfortable anti slip handle with pronounced choil.

Superior, hand finished edge, crafted by skilled smiths.

Individually molded silent Kydex sheath with great retention and multiple attachment options. MOLLE and Tek-Lok compatible.

Squared off spine, ideal for use with ferrocerium rods.

You can see a good review of this product here:

Review Of The Jaktkit Knv2 Mil


Blade Length - 110mm

Overall Length - 234mm

Blade thickness at spine - 5.1mm

Weight - 205grams

Kydex sheath - 85grams


Blade Material - 99Cr18MoV steel

Handle Material - Olive green TPEE

Steel hardness - 59HRC

10 year limited warranty against defects in manufacturing*

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