Bohemen Outdoor Heated Hot Tub by Hikki of Sweden


Why choose Hikki?

Bohemen is the outdoor hot tub for those that value a quality product, crafted from durable materials, into a simple and beautiful design. The tub’s body is made of salt water resistant aluminium and the comfortable yet sturdy interior is made of oak. The Bohemen can be used with either fresh or salt water. 

The Bohemen is not loaded with needless and complicated technical gadgets or bling, quite the contrary;  fill the tub with water, fire up the wood stove, let the water heat and you’re good to go.

The simplicity of the tub also makes for a product that requires very little maintenance – just unscrew the two screws that holds the interior in place, remove the interior and oven and clean the tub. The incredible wear resistance and light weight of the tub makes it very transportable, allowing for exhilarating wood-fired bathing experiences in places where traditional baths and saunas can’t get to.

Product Specifications

Materials - Marine grade aluminium and oak.

Dimensions - Length 212 cm | Width 92 cm | Height 66 cm | Bathing Depth 54 cm

Weight Tub only -  44 kg | Fully assembled - 84 kg

Heating Time - Summer 1.5 hours | Winter 2.5 hours 

UK mainland delivery included in the price!
We can provide a full delivery and installation service from £300.00 (by request)


Why should I choose a bath tub instead of a larger tub?

For a number of reasons! A bathtub takes a significally shorter time to heat which allows for more spontaneous baths! It's also a breeze to clean, maintain and move.

How long does it take to warm up the water?

1,5h in the summer and 2,5h in the winter, and that time can be reduced if you use the insulations that we sell seperately - please see the webshop.

Will the metal in the tub get so hot there's a risk of burning oneself?

No, no worries. The metal in the tub doesn't get hotter than the bathing water. The chimney pipe on the other hand gets quite hot, that's why we added a heat shield so you don't have to worry about accidentally touching the pipe.

Can I place Bohemen on my porch?

Yes, since the oven is placed inside the tub. But make sure to place it on a sturdy supporting beam, since a tub filled with people and water can weigh around 850kg! Also, follow the fire safety regulations in your area. If uncertain, please contact the local officials for more info. Caution and common sense goes a long way.

Can I clean the water?

Absolutely! We have equipped Bohemen with two connections, so you can lead used water from the tub, through a sand filter, and lead fresh water back in through the other connection. Please note that a sand filter is not supplied with the tub.

How should I maintain the wooden frame/interior?

There's two ways - not at all or with a mineral oil (paraffin oil / cutting board oil), alternatively a good quality rapeseed oil. The oak will develop a silver grey matte patina over time if left untreated, and if you prefer to keep it's original color and luster you need to give it a oil treatment from time to time. It's just a matter of taste - the wood holds up just as good if left untreated.



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