Tips on Caring for Leather Products

We are often asked what is the best way to help preserve and maintain leather products. Whether it be leather hats or leather boots, the technique for cleaning and preserving the products are the same.

Step 1 - Scrape/brush off all dried dirt and mud using a soft brush.

Step 2 - Using a wet cloth, remove all dirt and grime from the surface of the product. Use more water if there is lots of dirt and debris present. Make sure the leather is completely free of all dirt and grime.

Step 3 - Allow the leather to dry naturally in a well ventilated area. Do not try and and force the drying process via exposure to an artificial heat source such as a radiator or open fireplace. This is because if the leather dries too quickly, it can potentially crack and deform. 

Step 3 - Once fully dried, apply a good quality wax or wax spray. If using a solid wax paste, gently heat the wax using a cigarette lighter/candle but use caution as the wax is flammable. Heating/melting will help with the smooth application of the product. Whichever product you are using, apply a generous layer until the item is fully coated/saturated. Wipe off any excess wax. 

Step 4 - If you would rather a more polished look, continue to buff the item with a soft leather cloth until a shiny appearance has been achieved. 

Keeping your leather products, clean, supple and waxed will hugely improve their lifespan and help keep them looking great.

With clean and waxed leather, you will notice the significantly higher levels of protection from water ingress. Please be aware that no leather product can be classified as being water proof unless it features a gore-tex (tm) liner or similar membrane.  

The Bushgear Team