Survival Advantage - Extract

This is another little excerpt from the book "Survival Advantage" by Andrew Lane.

Andrew Lane is a former NCO and instructor for the British Army. He spent years in the field, honing his outdoor and survival skills. This book is the result of those efforts and research. 

        "Air panels are rectangular pieces of brightly coloured fabric. They are laid in patterns to pass messages to aircraft. If air panels are not available, the message shapes can be made from rocks, trenches stamped in snow, (with bottoms filled with dark material) dyed snow etc. The patterns should be as big as possible."

The diagram shows how the panels are formed: 

Full of hundreds of illustrations, tips and techniques "Survival Advantage" is available exclusively from We have a very limited number of signed editions available. This book is considered to be one of the premier manuals in the field. A must for any bush craft or survival buff. 

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