Jaktkit Tools For Your Outdoor Adventures

We are pleased to announce our recent partnering with Jaktkit Knives and Tools of Sweden. It all started in Kalmar...

"A Swedish city so stony and harsh that its ancient name includes both "cairn” [stenröse] and “gravel islands"[grusiga öar]. Its inhabitants - Kalmariten. Harsh, resilient and stubborn. True iron men whose strenuous daily chores so impressed on medieval Hawaiian traders that they later started endurance races in their name....as the saying goes. A perfect location for an unconventional knife maker dedicated to breaking new ground. Welcome to our world!"

That is quite the introduction from Jaktkit, however having used and tested their knives, we have found them to be some of the best in their class. 

The important stuff...

The steel - all great knives begin with sourcing some high quality steel. Jaktkit have gone one step further and have designed their own proprietary steel called  99Cr18MoV . Its physical properties include good resistance to corrosion and excellent edge retention. This is what you want in a working knife, designed for hard, outdoor use.

The V Edge Design - Featuring a single continuous edge from spine to cutting edge. This creates an aggressive cutting profile which is strong yet easy to sharpen in the field. The notch or the spine of the blade can be used to strike a firesteel/ferrocerium rod. 

The Handle Grip - The tough rubberised material provides plenty of grip in the cold and wet and protects the hand from touching freezing cold metal in sub zero conditions. It features a pronounced choil which helps prevent fingers slipping on to the blade during use. Finished with a high viz orange lanyard through the lanyard hole in the handle, which can help prevent dropping the knife if secured around the wrist.

The Sheaths - People tend to underestimate the value of pairing an high quality knife with an equally well made sheath. After all, without a sheath, even an high quality knife will get dirty, blunt and rusty. Also, there is the issue of safety - carrying a knife safely without a sheath is almost impossible. Luckily, all Jaktkit knives are supplied with a very high quality, custom made genuine Kydex sheath which boasts multiple attachment options. 

Accessories - The Knife Knv2 and the Knife Knv3 can both be used in conjunction with the FYR Firesteel Kit which attaches to the Kydex sheath using the supplied screws. Adds the ability to make fire to your set up.


The Testing - The Jaktkit tool range has been thoroughly tested by a wide range of experts ranging from military users to civilian enthusiasts. Since testing, Jaktkit knives have been adopted by special forces, police units, hunters and bush crafters worldwide. 

Please check out this entertaining yet accurate review and test of the Jaktkit Knife Knv2 by Bushcraft Netherlands on Youtube:

Bushcraft Netherlands Review Of The Jaktkit Knv2

For more information or to make a purchase, please visit the Jaktkit page on our Bushgear website:

Jaktkit Knives and Tools

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The Bushgear Team