How To Donate Items To The Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are in desperate need of donations.

You can help by giving money or donating items to certain organisations and charities, which are directly involved in the effort.

Making cash donations will allow these groups to buy the necessary supplies and associated logistics to get them to the people that need them the most. If you would rather donate items, please bear in mind that clothing is no longer a priority and that there is a great need for bedding, tents and shelters, thermal underclothing, medical supplies and toys. Please do check on the relevant social media page or call ahead to find out which items are currently needed the most.

You can make a cash donation to any of the following registered UK charities:

If you would rather make a donation of items locally, then please check on social media or via a search engine, to find the closest organisation to you. There is a short but nationwide list of organisations currently accepting items in this article from the Independent:

As stated above, please do check first, to see which items are currently in greatest demand.

Thank you.

The Bushgear Team