Company Spotlight Wildwood Trust in Kent, England

We here at Bushgear always try and be neighbourly, therefore we would like to shed some light on an organisation that is close to our hearts - The Wildwood Trust based in Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 7LQ.

In essence, The Wildwood Trust is a centre of attraction with a focus on supporting and showcasing species of animals which are or were in history, native to the shores of England. There are multiple enclosures which house a wide variety of specimens including : bears, wolves, wildcats, mice, Arctic Fox, owls, moose, red squirrels, wild boar, Lynxs, wild horses, badgers, beavers and many more. 

Wildwood is not simply a passive, spectator style attraction, they offer a wide range of activities and courses too. Varying from conservation course to talks and feeding sessions to birthday parties and more.

Ever wanted to feed a wild animal? Try one of the bear, wild boar or deer feeding experiences. With a little bit of everything, there are suitable activities for a whole spectrum of age groups and interests.

Please be aware that certain activities do require forward booking. You can make a booking by phone or over the internet.

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