The KamadoJoe Range of Charcoal Grills

The Bushgear team are excited to launch our new range of Ceramic BBQs from Kamado Joe...

KamadoJoe Charcoal Grill UK

The brand arose as a result of two barbecue enthusiasts getting their heads together to, in their own words:

"Take kamado cooking to the next level with Kamado Joe grills. Born from an Asian cooking tradition, kamado style grills replicate wood oven cooking. The design allows for perfect airflow, evenly distributing heat & flavor."

The original "kamado" was a stove/cooking range which had multi-functional elements allowing for a variety of cooking methods to be employed. With heat absorbing ceramics and clever venting, the cooking temperature could be carefully controlled providing perfect results. Kamado Joe have focused on these elements and refined them with the use of modern manufacturing techniques and materials, to create the ultimate range of barbecue/grills/smokers.

KamadoJoe Joetisserie

Range of Products

There are a number of models to choose from ranging in size and function. These premium BBQs can be supplied as a kit with many optional accessories included. Obviously, a larger BBQ means a larger cooking surface so more people can be catered for at one time. However, if you are more concerned about saving space than cooking for a banquet, some of the more compact models may be of interest. 

KamadoJoe Charcoal Grill

Functions - What can I do with my Kamado Joe?

All models serve as the ultimate temperature controlled, classic barbecue for vegetables, steaks, chicken, fish, burgers e.t.c. With the addition of a Kamado Joe Pizza Oven, you can be serving delicious crisp pizza in minutes. Function can be expanded further with the addition of a Kamado Joe "JoeTisserie" to make succulent rotisserie style foods. Other accessories allow for multi-tier, multi-temperature cooking, for preparing a variety of foods simultaneously. If smoked foods are your thing, Kamado Joe also has you covered, acting as the ultimate smoke chamber, with the addition of smoker unit. 

Food smoker  accessory for the KamdoJoe

Sustainability & Longevity

Kamado Joe stands for high quality workmanship paired with premium components. These barbecues are built to last and will do so if properly maintained. Registering your grill will allow you to take up KamadoJoe's comprehensive, limited warranty  However, as with any product, wear and tear can become an issue, over time. It is therefore reassuring to know that there is also a comprehensive replacement parts list for the Kamado Joe range of products, meaning your Joe can be a lifetime companion.

Kamado Joe Charcoal Grill

Is Kamado Joe right for me?

If you are looking for a premium cooking experience designed and built by people with a passion for barbecue, the Kamado Joe range is for you. Whether in a domestic setting or as an integral part of your culinary business, perfectly consistent results are attainable, meaning you can wow your guests every time. This is Kamado Joe's raison d'etre.

Other Questions?

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The Bushgear Team

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