Prometheus Design Werx | Titanium Lighter Case For Zippo

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Superbly machined from solid 6AL-4V titanium billet, our rugged PDW Ti-Lighter is made in the classic, wind resistant, flip top style. Like the great American lighter classic that saw action across the globe throughout the 20th century, this fire starter shares the unique flip top action and heritage profile. However, from there the manufacturing process and advanced materials used in our modern updated version, puts it up into a whole new class. The tried and true flint wheel and wick mechanism, which is also made with titanium, uses common lighter fluid, but when emergency situations require it, will also work with aviation fuel, white gas stove fuel, or even automotive gasoline. Liquid lighter fuel lighters work in a much wider range of temps and does not fail at altitude like butane gas type lighters.

The PDW Ti-Lighter is built to last for your lifetime and into the next for whomever you pass it on to. The case is machined titanium, the lighter core is titanium, the low profile integrated hinge is cleverly and precisely milled, and an o-ring around the closure reduces evaporative fuel loss. When you close this lighter, it's like closing a little bank vault door each time. From the clean uniform rectangular shape to the nicely chamfered edges, our design follows an industrial tool aesthetic well suited for this type of fire starter. The Ti-Lighter is a new modern classic that is built for repeated field use for frequent fire starting needs from camp, to cabin, outposts, and even those who enjoy the occasional briar to stogie.

Please note that this model was not designed fit the classic "Z-brand" cores, clones or butane inserts. Some might fit, but we did not design it around 3rd party cores. Our core is a proprietary size.

6AL-4V Titanium Billet with Fine Matte and Tumbled Finish
Titanium Sheet
Approx. Dimensions:
2.33" Tall x 1.66" Wide x 0.67" Deep / 5.9cm x 4.2cm x 1.7cm
Approx. Weight:
2.89 oz / 81.9 grams
Machined Titanium
O-Ring Seal
Titanium Core
Low Profile Hinge
PDW Logo Laser Marked on Bottom

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