StrikeFire | Fire Starter - Medium



Premium British firesteels.

Made in the EU to exacting standards, our firesteels will match or even supersede ANY firesteel currently on the market! A claim we are happy to stand by!

Camping, campfires, stoves, bushcraft, firecraft, survival, prepping, bugout and more. 

Ferrocerium fire starters, like the StrikeFire, have become a fundamental tool in bushcraft, as they are the most dependable means of lighting a fire with sparks, regardless of weather conditions. Unlike a box of matches or a cigarette lighter, the StrikeFire fire starter can light literally thousands of fires, 12,000 for this Large version. At 3,000 degrees Celsius, the sparks from a StrikeFire will light a huge range of natural and man-made tinders, including gas and petrol camping stoves.

The StrikeFire is a new British-made product using the best ferrocerium stock available, a hardened steel scraper and reflective paracord lanyard.


Length - 5cm
Width - 0.6cm
Weight - 0.021kg


Rated for 3000 strikes

Materials - Ferrocerium stock, paracord, carbon steel and reclaimed plastic

Accept no inferior copies.

StrikeFire is made in Britain!

UK Delivery included in the price.


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