Solight | Merlin - Origami Solar Lantern



The Solight Merlin fold flat lantern with colour change LEDs.

This is Solight's second led lighting product on the market. Built to the same exacting standards as the original Solight, the Solight Merlin features some LED upgrades which allow the user to choose from six different colour lighting options. There is also a seventh setting which slowly scrolls through all the available colours, one by one.

The simple, single button activation allows you to choose from red, green, blue, purple, white or yellow. Alternatively, switch to the auto light cycle mode to continually cycle through all the colours to add even more vibrancy to your evening.  The velcro strap allows for easy carrying or hanging of the unit.

As with all Solight products, 10% of all profits go towards providing free lanterns to people in third world countries, who would otherwise have to rely on dirty, inefficient and dangerous forms of lighting including kerosene, coal and wood. All of which can lead to a plethora of respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis.

How to open the SolarPuff


  • 4.3”/10.92cm cube
  • Folds flat to 0.25”/0.635cm thick
  • 10 bright LEDs
  • 7 lighting modes to choose from
  • Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight
  • up to 8-12hrs of light on full charge
  • PVC-free recyclable PET material
  • Completely waterproof

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