Prometheus Design Werx | Titanium Skull Lanyard Bead

SKU: 4060811


An anatomically accurate Memento Mori Skull painstakingly, precision machined in titanium. These lanyard beads feature very high detail for its small size. Did we really need to take the time to machine these fine details? No, but we did anyways. Our titanium skull beads are made for the obsessive EDCer and connoisseurs of finely made objects.

Titanium is the apex of readily available metals as used in the aerospace, medical, defense, industries and our favored alloy for most things EDC.


6AL-4V Titanium
Approx. Dimensions:
Length: 0.54" / 1.3cm
Height: 0.47" / 1.1cm
Width: 0.41” / 1.0cm
0.20"/5mm bore for cordage

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