Pro-Knot Cards | Fishing Knots



Waterproof, plastic card booklet. 

Full step by step guide to tying 12 of the most important and useful knots in fishing. Full illustrations accompany each knot. 

Features the 12 best fishing knots, described and illustrated on six plastic cards! Waterproof plastic cards mean you can stash this little reference (just 6cm x 8cm) in a tackle box or on a boat for years and not worry about it getting wet! Six cards are attached together in corner with a brass grommet.

12 most popular fishing knots are clearly illustrated: Improved Clinch, Palomar Knot, Uni-Knot, Snell Knot, Dropper Loop, Surgeon’s End Loop, Blood Knot, Albright Special, Non-Slip Loop Knot, Double Uni-Knot Surgeon’s Knot and Perfection End Loop.

Every angler should have a set of these little cards in their tackle box!

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