Kamado Joe® | Ceramic Pizza Stone for Classic Series


£29.95 £39.90

Create delicious, crispy pizza with ease with the Kamado Joe Ceramic Pizza Stone. Expect the perfect pizza every time thanks to even heat distribution, as well as the stone’s ability to lock in moisture. Made from heavy-duty ceramic, this pizza stone is made to last and is also easy to clean! Explore more ways to elevate your kamado-style cooking with this essential accessory.

• Distributes heat evenly and absorbs moisture for hot, crispy pizza
• Made from heavy-duty ceramic for quality that lasts
• Easy to clean
• Classic Joe™ Series Stone compatible with Kamado Joe Classic Joe series.

· Cook delicious charcoal-fired pizza
· Retains moisture for the perfect texture
· Best suited for Classic Joe™ Series Grills


31cm x 31cm

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