KAKADU PLUM CO. | Strawberry Gum Flakes - 30g

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An unique herb sourced from the Australian outback which gives a rich berry flavour when used as an additive. Ideal for desserts or to add a fruit note to savoury dishes. 

Strawberry gum (Eucalyptis Olida or Forestberry) is used to enhance the flavour of cooked fruit dishes, desserts or spiced jams, bringing out a classic 'berry'  flavour. 

Our Strawberry Gum are the consistency of tea leaf flake, so alternatively, enjoy this gorgeous native ingredient as a pure berry-flavoured herbal tea. 

How to Use:

In puddings, baked goodies and Chia seed desserts, cheese cake, chutney, sauces, poultry dishes.


Size: 30g 

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