Hikki | Fyrbank Japanese Style Table Top Grill

SKU: 2040000


The Fyrbänk is an exclusive table-top grill constructed with stainless steel and oak. The design is inspired by the Japanese Hibachi grills which transform cooking into a common ritual where cooking does not end when you sit down at the table. Instead it lasts throughout the meal and becomes a communal activity where everyone participates in the cooking ritual.

Prepare bowls with finely chopped meat, seafood and vegetables or whatever you would like to put on the grill. Then, let everyone compose their own barbecue skewer according to taste.

The Fyrbänk is carefully designed to embody the values ​​Hikki stands for - a good and simple life outdoors that revolves around the basic and, in our opinion,  the most important things - cooking, relaxing and socializing.


Materials - 2 mm stainless steel for the grill, 1 mm stainless steel for the lid, support legs & handles made of oak


Width - 73.5 cm
Depth - 22.5 cm
Height - 20 cm - Without lid
Height  - 24.2 cm - With lid
Weight  - 14 kg
Grill surface - 55 cm x 16 cm

Robust grill grate included

The grill can be stored outdoors all year round

UK mainland delivery included in the price.

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