Hikki | Replacement Stove for the Bohemen Hot Tub

SKU: 1120500


Bohemen Replacement Stove.

If you should have the misfortune to damage or break the wood burning stove element from your Bohemen hot-tub, we now offer the replacement unit.

Please note, this stove is designed for use with our Bohemen wood burning hot tub exclusively. This stove can not be used independently as it is made from salt water resistant aluminium so can potentially melt if not submerged in water during use. 

Fill the bathtub to at least 10 cm above the circulation pipes or at most, to a piece below the opening of the inner flue. Always have water in the bathtub when the stove is lit or there is still glowing coals in it.


Material - Stainless Steel

UK delivery included in the price.

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