The Barmah Hat

Stay cool and look great with a genuine Barmah hat.


Minus the corks on strings, these traditional outback hats are every Australian’s cup of tea. Built to stringent manufacturing specifications, they are guaranteed to provide many years of reliable service when maintained properly.

Apart from build quality why choose a Barmah hat? Combining classic styles and materials with modern manufacturing processes, Barmah hats are both functional and unique looking. They are designed to provide maximum protection for your head, yet remain unobtrusive in everyday use, as is any good hat.  Barmah hats remain unobtrusive due to the choice of materials used, and the fact that they can be folded down for convenient carry, even within a trouser pocket. Due to their sprung brims, they simply “pop” back into shape when removed from your pocket or bag. This means your hat can be conveniently stored for transit, ready to provide you with protection when you need it.

Good choice of materials. Barmah hats are available in several colour and style variations. You can choose from full grain cow hide, oiled canvas, suede, genuine kangaroo hide and cool mesh.  The kangaroo hide versions are particularly interesting. Kangaroo hide is extremely tough, even tougher than cow hide. Due to its superior strength, the hide can be thinned to a greater extent meaning a lighter overall product, which does not compromise on durability. Being lighter in weight, the hat is barely noticeable when worn.  That is not to say that the other material choices are by any means heavy! For example, the canvas and cool mesh versions provide excellent protection whilst still being very light weight.

Unique styling. Most people are familiar with the “Crocodile Dundee” stereotype image of the Australian hat. The fact is, the style is optimised for maximum protection. The wide brim provides excellent sun protection for your face, head and neck. When maintained properly, the leather and oiled canvas versions also provide excellent protection against rain. Ultimately, these hats perform well in all but the harshest winter conditions.

Look cool, stay cool. Several of the Barmah hat styles incorporate a lightweight mesh on the back and sides of the hat. The mesh allows for superior ventilation meaning you can stay cooler. These versions can also be folded or flattened for convenient transportation.

Easy to maintain. Barmah hats can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and could not be simpler to maintain. We recommend using Barmah’s protective spray (which protects against sun damage and rain ingress) to maximise longevity.

Barmah hats are proudly Australian made and Australian owned. 

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