Survival From The Feet Up



Survival from the feet up.

People don’t think about it much, but the fact is, survival starts at ground level.

Footwear is often overlooked when it comes to choosing and using survival equipment. Most people tend to focus on the “obvious” stuff such as knives, flashlights, multi tools, stoves, tents, night vision equipment e.t.c.  Although this type of kit can be more fun to analyse and “play with”, in most cases, it will never provide as much comfort and practical usability as a good, functional pair of boots.

Enter Redback boots!

Redback boots are supplied in a non fussy box which gives little hint of the fantastic product awaiting inside. These Australian made boots represent great value for money and ultimate user  comfort. The air cushioned soles provide massive pressure relief from repetitive stepping and perform this task beautifully and without complaint. The build quality is first rate, many people, including members of the farming community and special forces have stated that the lifespan of a pair of Redbacks is greatly superior to many other respected and supposedly “hard wearing” foot wear brands. Redbacks are produced in compliance with international quality assurance guide line ISO 9001, which ensure high build quality, through production.

Redbacks are now  available in a number of styles and materials providing a good selection to the end user. They are available in a functional “slip-on” style as well as in a classic lace up configuration. Need steel toe caps for extra security? No problem, many Redback designs are also made in a safety rated steel toe cap version. The steel toe cap is rated under AS/NZS 2210.3 which is an internationally recognised safety rating, meaning the cap can withstand a 200 joule impact i.e. plenty of crush protection.

The air cushioned soles take much of the impact out of stepping, meaning far less pressure and wear and tear occurs on joints and bones. This means you arrive, feeling less tired and more energetic. In the long term, your bones and joints suffer less so you can go on further, for longer, with a  lesser risk of strains and sprains.

Having worn mine for approximately six months, I can personally attest to their superior functionality and comfort, as well as to their extremely hard wearing nature and superior construction quality.  Although hard wearing, the boots are in fact extremely light in weight, again helping to minimise impact on the user’s body and energy levels. Sometimes I forget I’m actually wearing boots and not trainers, that’s how comfortable they are. The soles are tough enough to withstand chemical spills and rocky terrain whilst providing excellent traction.

I am trying to figure out a way of putting the point across, boots support and help you literally “every step” of the way. A good knife, axe or flashlight will be a useful if not invaluable item, most likely, many times a day, but a good pair of boots will help you crack any terrain. Blisters, corns, pressure spots, trench foot, frostbite are all conditions which in a wilderness situation, could be the difference between life and death. Don’t get caught out by shoddy footwear.

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The Bushgear Team