Product Spotlight - Production Hangar 51 - Emergency Fire Lighting

We at Bushgear are always on the look out for new and interesting products, particularly when they perform as effortlessly as the new range of emergency fire lighting products from the Canadian company "Production Hangar 51".

Their range, which features several fire lighting products, are very nicely packaged,  easy to use by almost anyone and most importantly work really well! 

Our favourite product from the range is the "Fat Rope" weatherproof fire starter. Due to the unique manufacturing procedure, the Fat Rope is made by hand to produce a very well constructed and reliable product. To use, simply open the weatherproof packaging and start shaving fibers off. Once a small pile has been amassed, ignite with a spark or flame.

Next in the line up is the "Fire Strip Roll". A roll of impregnated card/paper which is very easy to use and a relatively compact prospect. Simply unravel a section at the desired length and ignite it with a flame or fluff up the fibers and ignite with a spark. Again, on the roll, the tape is highly moisture resistant.

The "Fire Plug" by Production Hangar 51. Each plug will be sufficient to get a fire started even in fairly inclement conditions. Supplied in packets of 20, the Fire Pug is a compact and easy to carry form of fire lighter and individual plugs can easily be stored in various kits/pockets. 


For the real fire aficionado, Production Area 51 is also producing the "Fire Kit" patch for quick and easy identification of your individual fire lighting kit. This patch is velcro backed for simple hook and loop attachment to pouches, jackets bags and more. 

To put it simply, Production Area 51 has produced a range of fine fire lighting products for the outdoor enthusiast. Reliability and ease of use were at the forethought of the design process. Be a fire god and get yours now.