Making The Most From your Outdoor Spaces with Weltevree

We in the UK have a tendency to under-utilise our outdoor spaces. A sedentary lifestyle and inclement weather undoubtedly play a part in this. The Weltevree company has a mission - and that is to help people make the most of their outdoor spaces, as well as to encourage investment in spending time outdoors.

Weltevree present a range of high quality, thoughtfully-made products which work in harmony with their surroundings, to maximise your enjoyment. This is achieved by developing an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and coziness in your garden, home or business. 

The time we have is finite so it is paramount that we make the most of it - spending time with those that matter, in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Dispense with frivolities and take things back to "the basics". Warmth, fire, food, drink and light. Combine these with good company and you have everything you need for a satisfactory existence.

Whether you have thousands of acres or very limited outdoor space - Weltevree have a range of products to repose in comfort and style.


If you are not planning to vacation this year, why not have a "staycation" instead? The Wiki definition is

"A staycation, or holistay, is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within day trip distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodation."

Turn your garden into an outdoor retreat or relaxation zone with the help of Weltevree.

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The Bushgear Team