How to maintain your Hikki Bohemen wood fired hot tub

Our Hikki hot-tubs can last many years if properly maintained and cared for on a regular basis. Unlike their electric counterparts, the cleaning and maintenance process is a fairly simple affair.

First, it will be necessary to fully drain the hot tub and allow all wood paneling to fully air dry, do not attempt to dry it our with an artificial heat source as this may warp the wood. Please ensure that the stove is completely extinguished before attempting to empty the tub of water otherwise the stove or wooden components may become damaged.

Once fully dry you can stop there! With no further interference, the oak elements will slowly turn a light grey colour, over the course of weeks. This will not damage your tub! Before it turns grey you may notice spots of black mould developing. Again these will not damage your tub but may look unsightly. However, if these are a concern, it is possible to remove these spots; take a utility razor blade and simply scrape the mould off keeping the blade perpendicular to the surface of the wood, taking care not to cut or damage the wood). If left untreated, the mould will naturally recede, allowing the natural "greying" of the wood.

Keeping the wood maintained; again if you choose to carry out some maintenance, all that really needs to be done is the wood needs to be oiled. This will help seal the surface of the wood, preventing the natural greying process of the wood. This is more a question of  aesthetics as compared to providing physical benefit i.e. the wood will not "last" any longer if oiled. It will simply look like oiled wood. Hikki suggest using either rapeseed or linseed oil for the oak panels.

Cleaning the aluminium parts of your hot tub; designed to be very low maintenance the Bohemen requires minimal cleaning. Use a mild detergent such as washing up liquid and soft sponge to gently scrub the aluminium surface. Rinse thoroughly with water. 

Cleaning the stove; remove the stove from the unit and tip out all ashes and debris. Wash out the interior with a mild detergent and a scrubbing brush. The interior of the stove does no need to be spotless but by removing the crust and soot that will eventually build up, there will be an increase in efficiency of the stove,meaning less wood is required.

We suggest giving your Bohemen a thorough drying and cleaning every 6 months.

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